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Williams Sound Pocketalker Selection Guide

The Williams Sound Pocketalker Pro and Pocketalker Ultra models are hearing amplification devices for the hard of hearing that need that extra help for hearing or conversing with its 130dB maximum output.

Pocketalkers amplify the sounds closest to the user and even reduces background noise making hearing and understanding words even better in difficult listening situations. Pocketalkers are perfect for conversations, watching television, talking in the car, doctors appointments, small groups, and so much more. Let AV Ace help you decide which Pocketalker is right for you.

Pocketalker Pro vs Pocketalker Ultra
A question we often receive here at is, “what is the difference between the Pocketalker Pro and Pocketalker Ultra models”?

There are only subtitle differences between the two models including the belt clip, batteries, and tone control. The Ultra has a belt clip that is removable and the Pro comes with a carry case that has a belt clip on it, this allows a user to hold the unit in their hands or attach directly to their belt or purse. The Ultra also comes with a lanyard, you can wear around your neck or wrist for convenient access and accidental droppings. The Ultra uses two AAA batteries and the Pro uses two AA batteries, however for the Pro you can purchase a rechargeable battery kit for it part number BAT KT3. Lastly the Ultra has external tone control and the Pro has internal tone control, so the Ultra gives you the flexibility to adjust the tone to your preferred level without having to open the battery compartment.

Configuring and using your Pocketalker is easy, simply plug in your earpiece, place the microphone near your audio source, adjust the volume to your preferred level and start hearing words louder and more clearly. Pocketalkers include a 12’ extension cord so if needed you can place the microphone up to 12’ away and get closer to your audio source, this scenario is ideal for watching TV. Pocketalkers have a run time of over 200 hours and will even notify you when the batteries start to run low with a flashing red light. Feel confident in your purchase with the 5 year warranty (90 days on accessories) on your Pocketalker for years of trouble free service.

For those with a T-Coil equipped hearing aid you will be excited to know that these are compatible with induction loop neckloops, the neckloop will couple the audio output from your Pocketalker and send it directly to your telephone coil equipped hearing aid. Choose from the NKL 001 18” neckloop, the NKL 005 45” neckloop, and the NKL 003 13” neckloop for children.

The only choice that needs to be made is what ear piece is best for you, both models have several choices of earphones, headphones, or neckloops to best suit your needs.

Choose from the following Pocketalker Pro models:

PKT PRO1-1 - Ships with EAR 008 Wide Range Earphone.
PKT PRO1-2 - Ships with EAR 013 Single Mini Earbud Earphone.
PKT PRO1-3 - Ships with HED 021 Deluxe Folding Headphone.
PKT PRO1-0 - Ships with no ear piece, choose your own headphones, earphones, or neckloops.

Choose from the following Pocketalker Ultra models:

PKT D1 EH - Ships with Ear 013 Single Earbud & HED 021 Headphone.
PKT D1 N01 - Ships with NKL 001 18" Neckloop.
PKT D1 E14 - Ships with EAR 014 Dual Mini Earphone.
PKT D1 H26 - Ships with HED 026 Rear-wear Headphone.
PKT D1 E08 - Ships with EAR 008 Wide Range Earphone.
PKT D1-0 - Ships with no ear piece, choose your own headphones, earphones, or neckloops.
Basic Comm Kit - Ships with PKT D1 EH, Carry Case, 100 Sanitary Earphone Covers.

Below are several useful tips for your Pocketalker:

1. When you have your Pocketalker on a table lay it flat and not upright, laying flat will provide superior reception versus standing it upright.

2. If you experience howling or feedback turn down the volume less than 3.5 or move the microphone further away from your ear piece.

3. The earphone jack is a mono jack, if you use stereo headphones only one side of the headphones will work.

4. The tone and gain controls are behind the battery compartment door for the Pocketalker Pro, if these need to be adjusted it is recommended to have your audiologist perform the adjustments.

5. Keep your batteries charged and not in a depleted state, make sure the batteries have been inserted correctly.

Williams Sound Pocketalkers are a great choice for improving every day listening situations, simply chooses the model with the earphone, headphone, or neckloop that best suites your needs and start hearing better.

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