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ZeeVee manufactures video distribution products so that you can effectively and affordable share your High Definition and Standard Definition content to an unlimited number of displays over your existing coax cable. ZeeVee has 2 main lines, HDbridge and ZvPro. The HDbridge modules connect to your cable or satellite receiver and converts your component video output into an HD digital cable channel via MPEG-2 encoding and frequency agile QAM modulation. The ZvPro line is a HD encoder and RF modulator that changes the output of a VGA or HD source into an HDTV cable channel and broadcasts it over coaxial cable to all your connected HD flat panels. The main difference between the 2 lines is ZvPro are standalone modulators with their own power and are installed individually, while the HDbridge line is designed for large head end installations where the modules are installed into a rack chassis. Let AV Ace help you choose the right modulators to deliver an HD picture to your video distribution system including digital signage, sports bars, casinos, stadiums, churches, hotels, and much more.

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