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MediaWall Processors from RGB Spectrum offer real time video wall display systems for arrays of projectors or flat panels. The MediaWall 1900 supports a 1x2 array, the MediaWall 2900 can display up to eight graphic or HD video sources on up to 4 screens in a linear or 2x2 array, the MediaWall 4200 can display up to 12 graphics and video signals on up to 8 screens in a 2x4 array, the MediaWall 4500 can display up to 30 graphics and video signals on up to 12 screens in a 3x4 array, and lastly the MediWall 4500 Duo supports up to sixty graphic and video inputs across a 3 x 8 array. No matter how big and complex a video wall you need choose a MediaWall from RGB Spectrum

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