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Lumens document cameras are competitively priced while retaining high quality and superior performance. Referred to as “Ladybugs” because of their stylish and bright red colored housing, they are small, flexible, portable, and fun in the classroom. Choose from 5 different Lumens podium cameras and 13 different Ladibug document cameras. There is a wide range of models including high definition document cameras, 3D document cameras, podium document cameras, and even wireless document cameras. All Lumens Ladibug document cameras feature a 5 year unlimited replacement warranty that even includes the lamp for the ultimate trouble free performance. Ladibug document cameras are designed to increase student interaction and increase learning, they are easy to use and include all the necessary features needed to deliver the best presentations possible. The next time you need a document camera let AVAce help you choose the model that best suits your presentation and classroom needs.


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