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Analog Way STE200

Smarte Edge FX, Seamless Switcher w/ Dual Output Edge Blending

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This product has been discontinued.
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The STE200 Smart Edge FX provides up to twelve inputs, including four fitted with 3G/HD/SD-SDI and two fitted with HDCP compliant DVI. It outputs digital and analog signals in DVI, RGB, and offers a Video Output card providing SD or HD-TV formats in various signals from Composite Video to HD-SDI. Smart Edge FX is capable of showing as much as four layers which includes 1 logo, 1 frame, and two live layers customizable by the user. The product permits the display of up to two PIPs on a still background, or one PIP on a live background. Seamless transitions are offered as well as a selection of visuals effects which may be mixed during transitions. Multi-Screen Edge Blending can be achieved by connecting as much as three Smart Edge FX units, resulting in a panoramic picture having two, four, as well as six video-projectors, either horizontally or vertically, without any loss in synchronization.


Control the unit with included remote control software and an optional event controller such as the ARC200 or ORC50, or use a remote keypad such as the TRK-800 or RK-300. Connect the optional AW212080 cable to enable multiple machine mode between 2 STE200's. Please note that the RK-300 & TRK-800 can not be used in multiple machine mode.

  • 12 Inputs: 2 DVI Inputs, 6 Universal Analog Inputs, 4 x 3G/HD/SD-SDI
  • 2 Outputs: 2 Analog and Digital Outputs: Output #1 & Output #2
  • 2 PIPs on Frame background with Logo
  • Up to 3 x STE200 for Large Screen with 6 video projectors
  • Horizontal or Vertical Edge Blending
  • 1 Operation Mode: Dual Output Edge Blending
  • Logo & Frame Store (1 Logo + 1 frame simultanously on display)
  • 4 Logos & 4 Frame stores
  • PIP: Pan & Zoom resizing up to 1000%, PIP: Flying/Zooming, PIP animation or moving from A to B, Cropping animation, 1 PIP on Live Background + 1 Logo, 2 PIPs on Frame Background + 1 Logo
  • Transitions: Fade (Dissolve), Cut, Wipe, Slide
  • Dynamic Fit: Automatic adjustment of the PIP to fit the image borders
  • Smooth Move Effect
  • Chroma/Luma Key/DSK Title
  • DSK on Analog or Digital inputs
  • 8 Memory Presets
  • Dimensions: 2U, D 13'' x W 19'' x H 3.15''
  • Weight:11.68lbs
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